International Conference on Structures, Engineering & Environment (SEE)
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SEE-Mie 2022 Japan November 10-12

8th International Conference on Structure, Engineering and Environment (SCOPUS & ESCI Journal)


The venue is


1-3-38, Yasujima, Yokkaichi City, Mie 510-0075, Japan

Tel: +81-59-352-4131

Fax: +81-59-352-4141


from the CENTRAL JAPAN INTERNATIONAL Airport "Centrair"

Easily accessible via a direct bus ride (no transfer) NGO Take a highway express bus for "Kuwana, Yokkaichi" at bus stop No. 2 in the airport → Get-off at the "Miyako Hotel-Mae" bus stop

Mie, Japan:

Yokkaichi city is located in Mie and the Mie Prefecture is located in central Japan. Nagoya, Osaka, and Kyoto cities are conveniently accessible from Mie. The climate is warm with an average annual temperature of 15 to 25 °C. Mie Prefecture stretches from north to south, and the climate differs by region. The northern region is called Hokusei and is an industrial area close to the city of Nagoya. There are many leisure facilities including hot springs, Nagashima theme park, and an international racing circuit called as Suzuka circuit. The central part is called Chūnansei and is famous for its fine Matsusaka beef. The grand Shinto shrine known as Ise Jingū is one of the famous shrines in Japan which is located on Ise Island which has a complex beautiful coastline. Toba city is just close to Ise city and is famous for seafood and pearls. There is an international pearl island called Mikimoto Pearl Island.

Access Details

Conference themes will consider papers in the following:

Advances in Building Structure

Advances in Infrastructures

Advances in Civil Engineering

Advances in Structural Engineering

Advances in Geological Engineering

Advances in Geometics Engineering

Chemical Engineering Related to Structure

Environmental Engineering Related to Structure

Advances in Geotechnical Engineering

Advances in Architectural Engineering

Advances in Industrial Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering Related to Structure

Advances in Materials Engineering

Petroleum Engineering Related to Structure

Process Engineering Related to Structure

Environmental Technology Related to Structure

Geophysics Related to Structure

Hydrology Related to Structure

Advances in Recycle Solid Wastes

Advances in Use of Reclaimed Waters

Advances in Water Distribution

Advances in Water Treatment

Advances in Irrigation and Drainage

Advances in Farm Structures