International Conference on Structures, Engineering & Environment (SEE)
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SEE-Mie 2023 Japan November 14-16

International Conference on Structure, Engineering and Environment (SCOPUS & ESCI Journal)

Proc GEOMATE 2011 Mie Japan

Proc GEOMATE 2012 KL Malaysia

Proc GEOMATE 2013 Nagoya Japan

Proc GEOMATE 2014 Brisbane Australia

Proc GEOMATE 2015 Osaka Japan

Proc GEOMATE 2016 Bangkok Thailand

Proc GEOMATE 2017 Mie Japan

Proc GEOMATE 2018 KL Malaysia

Proc GEOMATE 2019 Tokyo Japan

Proc GEOMATE 2020 Melbourne Australia

Proc GEOMATE 2021 Kyoto Japan

Proc SEE 2015 Mie Japan

Proc SEE 2016 Osaka Japan

Proc SEE 2017 USQ Australia

Proc SEE 2018 Nagoya Japan

Proc SEE 2019 Bangkok Thailand

Proc SEE 2020 Kyoto Japan

Proc SEE 2021 Pattaya Thailand

Important dates

Abstract: Deadline Over

Full Paper: Deadline Over

Registration: Final Deadline 5 Oct. 2016

Conference Days: 21-23 Nov. 2016

Scientific Committees:

Honorary Chairman: Dr. Sohji Inoue, E/Prof. Mie University, Japan

Conference Chairman: Dr. Zakaria Hossain, Prof., Mie University, Japan

Conference Organizing Committee:

Dr. Zakaria Hossain, Prof. Mie University, Japan (Chair)

Dr. Satoshi Kaneco, Prof., Mie University, Japan (Co-Chair)

Dr. Sohji Inoue, E/Prof. Mie University, Japan (Co-Chair)

Dr. Toshinori Sakai, Prof. Mie University, Japan (Co-Chair)

Dr. Takamitsu Kajisa, Prof. Mie University, Japan (Co-Chair)

Dr. Masaaki Kondo, A/Prof. Mie University, Japan (Co-Chair)

National & International Advisory Committee:

Dr. Fumio Tatsuoka, Prof., Tokyo University of Science, Japan

Dr. Junichiro Takeuchi, Prof., Kyoto University, Japan

Dr. Kingshuk Roy, Prof., Nihon University, Japan

Dr. Sai Vanapalli, Prof., University of Ottawa, Canada

Dr. Musharraf Zaman, Prof. Univ. of Oklahama, USA

Dr. Rafiqul Tarefder, Prof. University of New Mexico, USA

Dr. M. Bouassida, Prof., National Sch. of Engg. of Tunis

Dr. L.R. Austriaco, Prof., Angles Univ. Found., Philippines

Dr. A.S.M. Abdul Awal, Prof., Univ. Technology Malaysia

Dr. M. Ibn Ibrahimy, Prof., Int. Islamic Univ., Malaysia

Dr. Mohammad Shariful Islam, Prof., BUET, Bangladesh.

Dr. Bujang B.K. Huat, Prof., Univ. Putra Malaysia

Dr. Nemy Banthia, Prof., UBC, Canada

Dr. Ian Jefferson, Prof., Univ. of Birmingham, UK

Dr. John Bolander, Prof., Univ. of California, USA

Dr. Shamsul Chowdhury, Prof., Roosevelt Univ., USA

Dr. Isabel Pinto, Prof., University of Coimbra, Portugal

Dr. Mark Jaksa, Prof., University of Adelaide, Australia

Dr. Jim Shiau, A/Prof., USQ, Australia

Dr. Hj. Ramli Bin Hj. Nazir, A/Prof., UTM, Malaysia

Dr. H.M. Shahin, Prof., Islamic University of Technology, Bangladesh

Dr. Md. Ariful Islam, A/Prof. Dhaka University, Bangladesh

Dr. Md. Nurul Amin, Prof. Dhaka University, Bangladesh

Dr. D.K. Chauhan, Prof. Noida International Univ., India

Dr. Chan Chee-Ming, A/Prof. Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia

Dr. Ahmed H. A. Dabwan, A/Prof. TATI Univ. College, Malaysia

Conference Correspondence:

Prof. Dr. Zakaria Hossain (Chairman)
Dept. of Environmental Science and Technology, Mie University, Japan
Mr. Md. Aminul Islam (Secretary)
Dept. of Environmental Science and Technology, Mie University, Japan
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel & Fax: +81-59-231-9578